How To Check Vivo Warranty

There are two ways to check your Vivo warranty:

1. By IMEI

You can check your Vivo warranty by entering your IMEI number on the Vivo website. To find your IMEI number, you can dial *#06# on your phone. Once you have your IMEI number, go to the Vivo website and enter it in the “Check Warranty” field. The website will then show you your warranty information, including the start and end dates of your warranty, and whether your phone is eligible for repair or replacement.

2. By contacting Vivo support

You can also check your Vivo warranty by contacting Vivo customer support. You can do this by phone, email, or chat. When you contact customer support, you will need to provide them with your IMEI number and your phone model number. They will then be able to look up your warranty information and tell you whether your phone is still under warranty.

Here are the contact details for Vivo customer support:

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