Where is Call Recording Saved in Vivo

Where is Call Recording Saved in Vivo

The location of where call recordings are saved on your Vivo phone depends on two main factors:

1. Your Vivo phone model: Different Vivo models might have different default storage locations for call recordings.

2. Android version: Vivo phones running older Android versions like 4.4 and below might store recordings differently than those running newer versions.

Here’s a general guide to help you find your call recordings on a Vivo phone:

For newer Vivo models with Android 5.0 and above:

  • The most likely location for call recordings is a folder named “Call Recordings” or “Recordings” within your internal storage. You can access this folder using the File Manager app or through various third-party file explorer apps.
  • If you can’t find the folder directly, try searching for files with extensions like “.amr” or “.mp3” (the usual formats for call recordings).

For older Vivo models with Android 4.4 and below:

  • Call recordings might be stored on your external SD card if one is inserted. Look for a folder named “CallRecordings” or “Recordings” on the SD card.
  • Alternatively, the files might be directly saved within the internal storage, in a hidden folder accessible only through rooting your phone. This is not recommended unless you’re comfortable with advanced technical procedures.

Additional tips:

  • Some Vivo phones allow you to choose the storage location for call recordings within the Phone app settings. Check your phone’s settings to see if you have this option.
  • Third-party call recording apps might store recordings in different locations, depending on the app itself. If you use a call recording app, refer to its documentation for specific instructions.
  • If you’re still having trouble finding your call recordings, you can search the web for your specific Vivo model and Android version along with “call recording storage location” to see if there are any specific instructions or known issues for your device.
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